Hopefully these Q & A’s will assist you in understanding this incredible “customer attraction” promotional package better.

The $50,000 prize is an “insured prize” through a Lloyd’s agent in Australia, namely AIS Insurance– a company we have had a long business association with.

At the end of your promotion, you have a Preliminary Draw where one person is randomly selected.

That person is invited to participate in the MAJOR DRAW WHEEL SPIN on a date chosen by you.

Then THIS PERSON participates in the digital online MAJOR DRAW WHEEL SPIN – with a 1 in 200 chance of winning the $50,000 prize.

We suggest that you hold your Preliminary Draw a few days before the MAJOR DRAW WHEEL SPIN.

This gives you sufficient time to notify the lucky person who will participate in the MAJOR DRAW WHEEL SPIN.

And of course this allows the person to schedule the MAJOR DRAW WHEEL SPIN time & date in their calendar.

We want make the Preliminary Draw process as easy as possible for you, so we’ll set up an “online random draw” facility via

This will make things MUCH EASIER for you!

We recommend that it is – as after all, that adds “more theatre” to the occasion & you can perhaps capture the excitement on video.

We see the process at the end of your promotion to be pretty straightforward:

Hold your Preliminary Draw electronically a few days before your MAJOR DRAW WHEEL SPIN, using as the “draw format” (remember, WE organise this for you).

So if for example, IF your MAJOR DRAW WHEEL SPIN was scheduled for 3pm on a Saturday, you’d perhaps have your Preliminary Draw on the Wednesday beforehand.

You’d notify the lucky Preliminary Draw person straightaway & that means they have a few days’ notice of the BIG MAJOR DRAW WHEEL SPIN.

Should the person NOT be able to attend the MAJOR DRAW WHEEL SPIN, they can send a proxy to act on their behalf.

On the day of the MAJOR DRAW WHEEL SPIN, the Preliminary Draw winner visits your office (or whatever premises you’ve chosen).

At the designated time, using a laptop or desktop computer, you enter the Security Password we provide to you & the “Spinning Wheel” page displays.

Using the computer keypad, your contestant simply choose a number between 1 & 200 & then “SPINS” the digital wheel.

If the contestant’s chosen number comes up, he/she WINS THE $50,000!

Otherwise he/she wins a Consolation Prize (which you have communicated to them beforehand of course).

Easy – we provide you with access to a digital “random draw platform” at

There’s no extra charge to you for this – it’s all part of our package.

We’ll export all of your entries into this platform & on the occasion of your Preliminary Draw, you simply activate the program & an entrant will be chosen completely “at random”.

There’s a couple of good reasons, the first being that THIS SYSTEM is easy from an operational viewpoint (as tracking customers’ ongoing expenditure would be high maintenance).

And secondly, by providing an incentive associated with “entries being linked to a particular $ spend in the one transaction”, you are influencing customers to “go the extra mile” if their total expenditure falls slightly short of the next “expenditure increment”.

So if for example, if the required spend for Golden Ticket Entries was $20 & someone had spent $34, there’s a good chance they’ll spend another $6 to get the second Golden Ticket!

We’ve crafted the design of this promotion to help build “customer loyalty” AND also to help stimulate “the average sale amount” – that’s WHY it’s such a powerful concept!

If You’re a Shopping Centre, we understand it doesn’t make sense to insist that the “spend amount” be in the one transaction.

So in this case (or businesses like this), we suggest the Condition simply be “receipts need to be from the same day”.

Therefore your advertising would be “Get A Free Golden Ticket Entry With Every $X Spent On The Same Day!”

Yes, you can choose any length for the promotion – up to 6 months.

We highly recommend 8 weeks for the duration, but if you wanted to amortize your investment over a longer period, we can cater for that.

So if you invested $6,950 in gaining the license to run the promotion, you might decide to run it over 4 months (instead of 2).

In this case, it’d mean that your investment would equate to $1,737.50 per month……an extraordinarily LOW monthly cost for what might result in a VERY HANDSOME RETURNS.

(If the promo ran over 5 months, it’d equate to a modest cost of $1,390 per month!)

Absolutely, simply go to to order more Golden Tickets.

You can purchase them in “packs of 3,000” for $480.

Keep in mind that the production process for these Golden Tickets is more complex than regular printing – as each Golden Ticket is “personalised” with your ID & “uniquely coded”.

So we can deliver within 7 business days from the date of your order.

  1. Firstly, you simply provide us with the contact details of the person & we pass these details onto the Lloyd’s Security Advisors, Asset Inspect ( ).

  2. Asset Inspect will phone the winner within 24 hours & simply certify that they are a “real person” by getting identification details (like a 100 point test that proves their identity).

    ie: Drivers License, Bank Account etc…… that the insurer knows that everything is legitimate.

  3. Lloyd’s Of London Insurance then pays The Institute Of Wow the $50,000 within 21 days – & we deposit the $50,000 into the winner’s bank account the day after we receive it from Lloyds.

    So your GRAND DRAW WHEEL SPIN winner will receive their $50,000 within 22 days of the “Wheel Spin Event”.

Yes, you CAN give customers or clients “DIGITAL” Sweepstakes Entries into the $50,000 Promotion.

Simply let us know that if this is your preference & we’ll arrange to give you a list of Unique Codes with an “email template”.

When a customer qualifies for an entry, you’d send them this email with their UNIQUE CODE & with instructions of what to do.

Below is the email template so you get the idea:

Should your customer qualify for MORE THAN ONE entry, you’d simply adjust your email to invite the recipient to “enter multiple codes” when registering their entries online.


SUBJECT: Here’s Your $50,000 Sweepstakes Entry – From COMPANY NAME

Hi (Insert First Name}

The team at COMPANY NAME are delighted to provide you with your Unique Code (see below) in our $50,000 Sweepstakes Contest.


Then enter your unique code(s): INSERT UNIQUE CODE

All the best & our Preliminary Draw Winner will be announced on: INSERT DATE




Our Insurance Partner is AIS Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd, head-officed in Melbourne, Australia.

AIS Insurance represents Lloyd’s Of London with THIS promotion & other similar ones, so “protecting the fine reputation of Lloyd’s” is paramount.

Any tampering with the “random nature” of the Spinning Wheel would place directors or management of the insurer at risk of fines & even jail, as it would be a criminal offence.

So as you would imagine, NO tampering would EVER be temptation.

Additionally, to the best of the insurer’s knowledge, this is the only “electronic wheel spin” available for trade promotions that meets regulatory requirements..

The electronic wheel algorithm is audited to ensure its random meaning each number has an equal chance of winning.

Yes, if you’d prefer to have your MAJOR PRIZE DRAW “the old-fashioned” way, no problem.

This would be where your contestant comes to your business (or chosen facility) & 200 sealed envelopes would be put on a boardroom table for example (or in a barrel or whatever).

In one envelope, there’d be the $50,000 PRIZE message & all remaining envelopes would contain a “CONSOLATION PRIZE” message.

The contestant is invited to choose ONE envelope & open it.

If the $50,000 Winning Message is inside the chosen envelope, the person WINS the BIG CASH PRIZE!

Obviously 199 envelopes would have the “CONSOLATION PRIZE” message inside.

Note: In this MAJOR DRAW format, AIS Insurance insists upon a chosen “scrutineer” to arrive with the envelopes & manage the process.

If the contestant chooses a CONSOLATION PRIZE envelope, the scrutineer will pick up the “envelope that contains the $50,000 Prize message” & show it to attendees – to prove it was one of the 200 envelopes.

Cost for the scrutineer is $750.